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Manages computer resources & establish a user interface and executes and provides services for application software

Windows 11 PRO

. Designed for PC’s & Laptops

. Connect faster, get Creative and be more Productive

. Optimize your screen space with easy -to-use tools

. Work more efficiently, seamlessly and securely from almost anywhere.

Windows Server

. Manages multiple devices, services and files

. Run business critical workloads in Azure, on- premises and at the edge.

. Advanced multilayer security

. Hybrid Capabilities with Azure Arc

. Flexible application platform


Red Hat Enterprise Server

Provides amore flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud innovation

. A new platform for developers today & in the future

. Easy contribution path to future versions of RHEL

. Next- generation application streams

. Continuing commitment to multiple architecture support

Suse Linux Enterprise Server

Run your business critical apps on any environment

. Secure, adaptable and easy-to-manage Linux server platform

. Deploy business- critical workloads on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge

OpenServer 10

Operating System for Enterprise Environment

Optimized for Modern Business & Enterprise

.Virtualize on Xinuos Stack

.Launch a virtual OpenServer 10

.Manage OpenServer 10 remotely with OpenCommander

.Rapid Application Development